November 10-20, 2016 Online Congress ‘Leben-Sterben-Weiterleben’ (‘Living-Dying-Living On’) in German language

This is to inform you that the Online Congress ‘Leben-Sterben-Weiterleben’ (‘Living-Dying-Living On’) in German language, 10. – 20. November 2016, takes place in honor of Dr. Michael Newton.
Various topics around the congress theme are offered as live interviews with congress initiator R.-Andreas Klein (DelphinTV) and 14 experts.
Me, Dorothea Fuckert and Jana Grossmann are talking about LBL Hypnotherapy Regression and TNI (second and sixth pic upper line of attached banner).
Two lbl sessions facilitated by Jana are shown. Everyone can apply and participate costless. The videos of each day can be seen freely from 10. – 20. November (12.00 noon till 24.00 midnight). All MP4-videos, MP3-audios, a book and texts can also be purchased as a congress package or as single versions.

The initiator R.-Andreas Klein, DelphinTV, dedicates the following words to Dr. Michael Newton at the beginning of the congress website:
“The insights from Michael Newton’s books helped me to make a huge step in my development. Here I found many essential information from the spiritual world, the Life Between Lives. And this is the power behind the interviews, talks and LBL regressions for this congress. I thank Michael Newton for his whole work here on Earth. Now, his soul is accompanying us from the other side.”