Sept. 26- Oct. 2 ‘We Do Not Die’ Conference and Workshop Programme

Expanding consciousness through Near-Death and other mystical experiences

Findhorn, Scotland, 26th September – October 2nd 2015

Conference Programme Summary

Saturday September 26

Opening address: Pim van Lommel -The Scientific Case

Gaining a new perspective: PMH Atwater ‘Dying to Know You; Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience’

Sunday September 27

The Eternal Soul – Eben Alexander: ‘Map of Heaven; The Afterlife according to science, religion and ordinary people’

Experience of Soul – Eben Alexander and Karen Newell: ‘Sacred Accoustics’ experiential session

Liberation of Spirit and Emotions – Barbara Whitfield

Monday September 28

Reality and Realities – Jeff Olsen: ‘Overcoming Guilt and Grief through the perspective of NDE’

Healing – Anita Moorjani

Between Lives– Angela Noon: ‘Experiencing the Afterlife from within Life itself – a Perspective from The Newton Institute’

Tuesday September 29

Spiritual Transformation – Brigitte Rix: Souls’ Progress, Activities in the Hereafter and Mind States Materialisation’

Integrating Your Story – all speakers, participants and local NDErs: ‘Integration: courage to expand in this life’

Ongoing growth and support – Nancy Clark (via Skype) Jeff Olsen, all speakers, participants and local NDErs:

‘Integration: courage to expand in this life’

Workshop Programme Summary

Wednesday September 30

Eben Alexander and Karen Newell: ‘ Eternity of Souls and their Connections; Exploring Consciousness Through Sound (am)

Jeff Olsen: ‘A Modern Shaman’ (pm)

Thursday October 1

PMH Atwater: ‘Duo Program’(am)

Brigitte Rix: ‘Questions, Tips and Tools to develop your intuition & mediumistic abilities (pm)

Friday October 2

Paul Aurand, The Newton Institute: ‘Revealing your life between lives’ LBL demonstration (am)

Barbara Whitfield ‘The Power of Humility – a Map of Liberation’ (pm)

Programmes may be subject to change

Findhorn offers a bursary fund for this conference.  Applicants may receive a discount by applying to the Bookings Office.  To enquire, contact Bookings through the Findhorn web site