Sept. 24-27 Life in the Afterlife Conference: Scotsdale, Arizona

Life in the Afterlife Conference Scottsdale, Arizona Sept 24-27th
Presented by the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.

 25 Presenters share about the Afterlife…

TNI Director of Membership, Savarna Wiley, MA will be presenting at this year’s conference:

Awakening to our immortal nature: Exploring an emerging paradigm

What might happen if more and more people have a deep and personal awakening to soul? To life in the afterlife?

Savarna Wiley has worked for 17 years as a hospice chaplain and is a clinical hypnotherapist performing Life between Lives hypnotherapy with The Michael Newton Institute. She discusses the transformative power of “soulscape experiences” which enlarge our sense of personal identity beyond the current mind/body/personality paradigm and connect us more deeply to the essence of who we are.
Examining how end-of-life experiences and hypnotic techniques such as Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy can be used to give a personal glimpse of life in the afterlife, Savarna explores how the resulting paradigm shift in our understanding of Self could change our experience of life and death, alter our medical practices and enrich the ways we live, love, forgive and grow as spiritual beings.